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Wine Dinner Recap: Long Shadows and Martin Woods

Rows of wine glasses ready for Le Grand's Martin Wood and Long Shadows wine dinner in October 2023

We partnered with Long Shadows and Martin Woods for a curated kick off of the 2023/2024 season. The food was delicious and the wine, divine. If you didn’t make it, don’t fret! Our next wine dinner is rapidly approaching on December 5th. Featuring an array of bubbles paired with a decedent exploration for your palette. See the posted menu and get your tickets by clicking here.

We were graced with a lively house full of friendly and familiar faces. Part of why we look forward to wine dinner season on our beautiful Kirkland lakefront is the amount of return guests we get to see. There is no greater compliment than watching such a fantastic evening bring folks in again and again.

A place setting shiny wine glasses sparkling silver flatware set on the zinc bar top at le grand bistro Kirkland

With the view over Lake Washington looking divine just in time for service, walking into the restaurant was intentionally a warm, inviting experience. Fresh flowers, a spotlessly clean establishment, and perfectly set tables ready to welcome excited guests.

Martin Wood The Rocks syrah on the bar at Le Grand

The first morsel to come out was an amuse-bouche with lamb and eggplant caviar. This dish was paired with a Syrah from Martin Woods that has since been added to our everyday glass pour list. Find it at the zinc bar top while supplies last.

Lamb amouse bouche in a cermic bowl for first course

scallop and sea bass ceviche with a flavorful green sauce

Our second plate, a scallop and sea bass ceviche with delicate crisps, came served with not just one, but two Riesling varieties. In appreciation of a grape's diversity we poured the 'Poet's Leap' dry Riesling alongside Martin Wood's 'Hylund'. The vintages were 2020 and 2021 respectively. Each brought about different highlights within the sea food and inspired conversation about comparisons and contrasts.

Dance Chardonnay next to the first two courses of the night

Long Shadows 'Dance' Chardonnay took the glass for our third course. In the true spirit of soup season, guests were treated to a rich tasting of lobster bisque. With a rich, buttery experience coming from the bowl, it only made sense that the wine should match, but not overpower.

orange lobster bisuq dashed with balsamic

After the bisque came caramelized pork belly with escarole (paired with Long Shadows 2019 'Saggi') and corned beef, chicken pate in a puff pastry with sauce bordelaise. This hearty plate was matched with a Long Shadows favorite red, 'Chester-Kidder'.

Corned beef and chicken pate in puff pastry with burgundy sauce bordelaise

Squab in french burgundy black truffle sauce

Squab (pigeon) is not something found on most menus around the city, so we made it a special treasure for our first wine dinner of the season. For a more adventurous touch, we served this bird with whipped potatoes and French burgundy black truffles.

Long Shadows wine Julia's Dazzle rose

Unfortunately, dessert was gone before we could grab a picture of it, but stop in and see it for yourself! The miso creme caramel was such a hit that it has joined out nightly dinner dessert menu. A silky delight that exemplifies how savory can enhance sweet. We finish it with pomegrante seeds and, for the night of the wine dinner, served it with 'Julia's Dazzle' rosé from Long Shadows.

Our next dinner is December 5th, 2023 and celebrates the zesty side of wine by featuring bubbles! Each bottle will be served with an equally thoughtful paired plate. We invite you to come and experience the excellence of a Le Grand wine dinner for yourself.


Have a craving?

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