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Durand Domaine's Sancerre in Kirkland – A French Sauvignon Blanc Delight

Durand Domaine’s Sancerre has earned itself a residency on our glass pour list. It remains one of our most popular wines, dominating the white varietal side of our offerings and with good reason. It's more than worth finding your own glass of Sancerre in Kirkland to try out first hand.

A bottle of Durand Domaine's Sancerre

Sancerre is a balanced experience with easy to drink notes of citrus and white flowers. The drinkers in its following find it to be not overly sweet, but fruity enough to keep it from being called ‘dry’. Pairing delightfully with fish, chicken, and fresh green salads as well as nutty cheeses.

Starting from old vines in France, Sancerre proves to be a consistent hit even to the point of running into a worldwide shortage earlier this year. The elusive bottle became impossible to find even at the distributors level leaving it to become fiercely sought after. It should be noted as a bonus that Durand Domaine is certified in sustainable agriculture.

For those that enjoy a medium body and complex array of flavors that don’t venture into being overpowering, Sancerre is a great choice.

Come see us for dinner seven nights a week, 4pm – 9pm, or enjoy some Le Grand brunch Saturdays and Sundays 10:30am – 2pm and taste this truly beautiful French sauvignon blanc for yourself. Whether having Sancerre in Kirkland with a Lake Washington view alongside a steelhead salade, or on a weekend morning with our smoked salmon avocado toast, we think you’ll enjoy it.

See you soon! (À Bientôt!)


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