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The Best Not French Onion Soup in Kirkland

French onion soup and the warm, delightful onion soup we serve at Le Grand Bistro on Lake Washington have plenty in common, but are not quite the same.

Melting Le Grand onion gratinee soup with country wheat bread

While our soup is brimming with onions, crostini’s, and melty gruyere cheese, it is not officially French onion soup. We make an onion gratinee soup that’s been on our menu for years alongside the ever-changing soup du jour.

What's the difference?

The difference between the two lies in a few key ingredients. French onion soup utilizes beef stock for a heavier, savory texture and profile. Our soup, however, is made with chicken stock which provides that warm and satisfying taste without being quite so weighted.

Don't be mistaken, though it may not be the traditional French onion soup, our onion gratinee soup delivers every bit of cozy, fullness. It pairs perfectly with any given Kirkland Fall day where grey hangs overhead and rain ripples across the lake. A bowl will satisfy any craving or enjoy a salad verte with a cup for something a little more well-rounded. For those of you looking for French onion soup in Kirkland, may we humbly suggest swinging in and giving our onion gratinee soup a try.

Soup Season in Kirkland

For an extra snug and delightful Autumn experience, consider taking a place beneath our covered and heated patio with some not French onion soup. Fuzzy blanket happily provided by our maître` d, rain tumbling down upon the awning is wholly complimentary.

We’re open daily for dinner from 4pm – 9pm or join us Saturday and Sunday for brunch from 10:30am – 2pm. Reservations are not required for dinner or brunch, but we do recommend them especially for larger parties.


Le Grand's super comfort food, mac n' cheese with creamy goodness and breadcrumbs

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