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What to expect on your first day

What to wear?

Our uniform is clean and unripped blue jeans, black shoes, black belt and a clean, pressed white button-down shirt. We provide the aprons.

What to bring?

Firstly, you'll need a photo ID and your SS Card, along with food handlers card, which every employee must have, and liquor permit (if applicable). You can get your Food Handler's card here (takes about 45 mins and costs $10-20).

After the uniform, for Servers we recommend a full compliment of servers' gear: wine key, notepad, 5x pens, small bills totaling $25, a lighter. This is for each and every shift. I quite like this, but it's certainly not a requirement.


Who to talk to?

When you arrive, ask for Sam or Eric - our front of house managers. They'll get you up and running and where you need to go next.

What to expect?

  • We'll get you situated and comfortable, with a tour of the facilities available to you and where to find things.

  • We'll assign you your training schedule for your first couple of weeks. Head to the schedule page to see an outline of this.

  • You'll meet your mentor and trainer for the day.

  • We'll hit the floor and get you involved in a shadow shift, seeing how we work and what we do.

  • Taste some food!

  • Review with Sam or Eric. We'll talk about what went well and how much you enjoyed your first day.

  • Get the paperwork out of the way.

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