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Here's a typical training schedule!

Please note that this varies dependent on experience and the position applied for, but most will look very similar to this.

Week 1:

Day 1: Shadow your mentor/trainer in your final position. Meet the team. Have a good time.

Day 2: Shadow Expediter or Backwaiter positions

Day 3: Train as Expediter or Backwaiter positions

Day 4: Train as Expediter or Backwaiter positions

Week 2: 


Days 1 - 4: Train as Backwaiter position - allows time for working alone/with little guidance

Week 3:

Days 1-3: Train as Server

Day 4: Small section with help from mentor

Week 4: 

Days 1-3: Smaller section with help from mentor/team

Day 4: Graduation! Congratulations!

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