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Hello, and welcome to Le Grand Bistro!

Who we are

Thank you for joining us. Seriously, if you're reading this, you were our favorite person out of a fair few people and we really like the way you work it! We believe in hiring upbeat and positive individuals who have an innate sense of care and generosity, and who express a desire to give people a memorable and lasting experience. We're thrilled you chose to join our team and look forward to your contributions to all of our successes.

Le Grand occupies a unique niche. Part neighborhood casual dining, part fancy restaurant for special occasions, and even part trendy social scene for the Kirkland elite. We deftly cater to each and every one of these needs, often simultaneously and in neighboring booths!


With our unrivaled view of Lake Washington and the distant Olympic Mountains, people flock to us for our outstanding French bistro cuisine that ranges from simple yet tasty salads and substantial burgers to Prime steaks and high-quality seafood.

Our aim is to provide an uplifting and restorative experience, with friendly service by adults for adults. We recognize the sparkling personalities of our staff and encourage you to bring them to your tables! We'll do everything we can to allow you to be the best you can be and by virtue of that offer the best experience our guests have ever had.

Bon Chance!


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