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Our Reopening Plan



We are incredibly excited to be able to reopen and reconnect with all of you, our wonderful guests! Whilst it's not quite business as usual, you can be sure we continue to bring our best to your table every time. Please read on to see how we will be dealing with the opening requirements and making our way back to serving all of you as best we can.

For Our Guests


Things will look a bit different to begin with. Our aim is to outperform on all health and safety precautions, whilst still providing an exceptionally enjoyable and relaxing experience. All of our policies are written with consideration of the Washington and King County Opening Guidelines, and of industry best practices.


  1. Reservations are strongly recommended. With our capacity decreased by 50%, it will be difficult at times to seat everybody in a timely manner. To avoid long waiting times and crowding, we ask that reservations are made. Parties are limited to a maximum of 5 guests. Please note that, as always, booth and patio seating are not guaranteed, but we will do our absolute best to fulfil your requests.

  2. Masks must be worn by all visitors to Le Grand Bistro. Employees, vendors, delivery drivers - and guests - must wear masks when at Le Grand Bistro. We ask that guests wear masks on arrival at Le Grand, and any time they are not seated at their table (entering and leaving the restaurant, using the restroom, etc.). No masks will be required of guests sitting at their tables.  We are able to provide masks if necessary.

  3. Guests are asked to stay home if they are feeling unwell, if a member of their household is unwell, if they have knowingly been in close contact with a person who has tested positive for CoVid-19, or have tested positive for CoVid-19 themselves within the last 21 days.

  4. Not all tables will be in use. In an effort to uphold social distancing as effectively as possible, we will decommission some tables. These tables will remain out of use until further notice and are not negotiable.

  5. There will be increased signage. To communicate our new way of doing things we will post extra signage around the restaurant. Please do your best to follow these guidelines.

  6. A Voluntary Contact Tracing Form will be offered at the start of your meal for you to complete for the Washington State contact tracing effort. 


These policies are in place for the health and safety of everyone at Le Grand Bistro and, while we wish to be as hospitable as possible to all, anyone not willing to abide by them will be politely asked to leave the restaurant.

For Our Team

The safety of our team and their ability to do their jobs safely and easily is second to none for us. We have introduced many safety precautions. 

  1. All staff are screened on entry to the restaurant, including temperature and symptom evaluation. A daily log is kept of all results. Employees will be sent home if any symptoms are exhibited.

  2. Staff are encouraged to stay home if at all unwell.

  3. Masks must be worn at all times. Everyone is provided a mask.

  4. Handwashing procedures are reiterated and enforced.

  5. Staff are educated about CoVid-19. How it is spread, recognising symptoms and best practices for avoiding spreading it.

  6. Physical distance is observed as much as possible at all times. 

  7. Everyone in the workplace works together to be sure that frequently touched objects and surfaces are routinely cleaned and disinfected

  8. Employees are provided with personal hand sanitizers, as well as multiple extra stations throughout the restaurant. 

  9. All staff will continue to prepare and handle food according to Seattle Public Health laws.

  10. As much as is possible, staff will be divided into teams to limit cross contact between team members.


For The Restaurant


We have made some changes to the physical environment in the restaurant and how we maintain our space.

  1. Extra sanitizer and handwashing stations have been installed throughout the restaurant for both employee and guest use. 

  2. Our HVAC system is upgraded to include MERV-13 filters (used in operating rooms). Fresh air ratio and humidity levels are also set to levels considered optimal for preventing airborne illness.

  3. Increased cleaning and sanitation schedules are in place throughout the restaurant, with particular attention placed on high-touch areas. Specific instructions are given for cleaning and resetting tables between uses.

  4. Dividers have been installed between booths, which allows us to seat parties at adjacent booths safely.

  5. Bathrooms are now single occupancy in order to prevent crowding.

  6. Increased signage all around for better flow of people, to encourage social distancing, and to communicate our policies. 

  7. Menus will be single use and also available online. 

  8. Regular equipment monitoring to ensure optimum functionality.

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