With our wine dinners taking the sideline for now, we still wanted to get some of our favorite wines into your hands, ready for the dinner table or as a gift. We are really proud to bring you the Le Grand Wine Club!



How Le Grand Wine Club Works



Each month for the foreseeable future we will be working with some of the best people in the industry to curate an intriguing and delectable selection of wines, bringing you vinous delights that may be hard to find, unique, fascinating, or just downright delicious.


Each month we will offer either 6 or 12 bottle options. The price may vary to reflect the selection, but we assure you it will always be great value. There is no ongoing commitment or signup procedure - we just wanted to get some of our favorite wines out to you all.


For January we have joined with Brandi Adams of Cavatappi Wines. A formidable wine professional, Brandi has helped us scout out 'The Best of Natural Wine'. Here is what she has to say about the selection:

What is the Natural Wine movement and who started it?

Frenchman Jules Chauvet was a winemaker, a researcher, a chemist, and a viticultural
prophet. It was he who, upon the advent of chemical fertilizers and pesticides in the 1950s, first
spoke out for “natural wine,” harkening back to the traditional methods of the Beaujolais region.


Beaujolais winemaker Marcel Lapierre met Jules Chauvet in 1981, benefited from his
teachings, and then joined by local vignerons Guy Breton, Jean-Paul Thévenet, and Jean
Foillard, Marcel spearheaded a group that soon took up the torch of this movement. Importer
Kermit Lynch dubbed this clan the Gang of Four, and the name has stuck ever since.


These rebels called for a return to the old practices of viticulture and vinification: starting with old
vines, never using synthetic herbicides or pesticides, harvesting late, rigorously sorting to
remove all but the healthiest grapes, adding minimal doses of sulfur dioxide or none at all, and
disdaining chaptalization (adding sugar).

Some Hallmarks of Natural Wines:

-Organic, biodynamic or sustainable farming practices
-Very low sulfur usage, minimal intervention in the cellar
-Native/spontaneous yeast fermentation


The 'Le Grand Wine Club' January Selection

#1 – 2019 Nigl Gruner Veltliner Kremstal Freiheit, Austria
-Native ferments, sustainable farming


#2 – NV Lambert de Seyssel Petit Royal, Savoie, France
-Biodynamic farming, spontaneous ferments


#3 – 2018 Jean Foillard Beaujolais-Villages, France

- One of the Gang of Four, who started the modern Natural wine movement; organic farming, native ferments

#4 – 2018 Lingua Franca Pinot Noir AVNI, Willamette Valley 

– Organic farming, native ferments

#5 – 2017 Vieux Telegraphe, Le Pigeoulet Vaucluse Rouge, France

– Organic farming, hand-harvesting and sorting

#6 – 2017 Reynvaan Family Vineyards, The Unnamed Series Cabernet Sauvignon/Cabernet Franc, Walla Walla Valley

- Organic farming practices, native ferments


Price and Collection Details



Wine will be available as a 6-pack (one of each wine) or 12-pack (2 of each wine). You may also specify "all red" or "all white", which will get you all of one respective colored wine.


6-pack ~ $150

12-pack ~ $250


Please order by Sunday, January 17th. You will then be able to pickup at the restaurant on or after Thursday, January 21st. 


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