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With our wine dinners taking the sideline for now, we still wanted to get some of our favorite wines into your hands, ready for the dinner table or as a gift. We are really proud to bring you the Le Grand Wine Club!



How Le Grand Wine Club Works



Each month we will be working with some of the best people in the industry to curate an intriguing and delectable selection of wines, bringing you vinous delights that may be hard to find, unique, fascinating, or just downright delicious.


We will offer either 6 or 12 bottle options. The price may vary to reflect the selection, but we assure you it will always be great value. There is no ongoing commitment or signup procedure - we just wanted to get some of our favorite wines out to you all.

The 'Le Grand Wine Club' April Selection

This April we are once again collaborating with Eric Swikard, owner and founder of Vin2U. Eric is as thoughtful as they come with his selections (right down to the specific days on which he chooses to show his wines - according to the biodynamic calendar), and this excellent grouping is no different. Taking the varietals of the classic Burgundy region, but that have been grown and produced in the New World is a keenly interesting idea, and really goes to show the distinct range terroir and production can create - something that Burgundy is famously a microcosm of. We really hope you enjoy the April selection from Le Grand Wine Club.



Tresomm, Aligoté, 2019, Baja California, Mexico


J. Brix, Chardonnay 'Limestone + Schist', 2019, Calaveras County, CA

Grape Ink, Chardonnay 'Linda's Vineyard', 2018, Tualatin Hills, OR


Adroit, Gamay, 2019, Monterey, CA


Grape Ink Pinot Noir 'Days Until Harvest', 2019, Mason Ridge, OR


BOLD Wine Co., Pinot Noir, 2018, Monterey, CA


Price and Collection Details



Wine will be available as a 6-pack (one of each wine) or 12-pack (2 of each wine). You can also request an 'All-Red' or 'All-White' option when purchasing your ticket.


6-pack ~ $150

12-pack ~ $250


Please order by Sunday, April 25th. You will then be able to pickup at the restaurant on or after Thursday, April 29th. 


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